Your equipment:
When you set out on a grand tour the most important thing to bring with you are good shoes or a good layer of dead skin on your feet. Barefoot exercising tingles and excites- more sensation often results in more skill.
Your shoes should have a good grip, they should also be flat and firmly laced. Your trousers or skirt should allow for enough legroom when you set out to jump around or climb.
Furthermore keep in mind that all the things you might do inspired by this guide are not created like pragmatic fitness exercises to serve vanity, so if you look shit: No worries.
The complex physiology of your body against urban matter can be deeply fascinating and does not need anything else than a curious practitioner with whom you can share this chemistry.

You will need some water, which you can take with you or get on your way, maybe a fruit and nuts to keep your blood sugar level balanced and prevent you from feeling dizzy or even trembling.
Do not eat huge meals before going to to do sport art ramble, that will just make you phlegmatic. Some disciplines can even make an empty stomach feel funny, so beware!

After the excursion have a nice drink (preferably non alcoholic) and get cooking. A balanced mix of carbohydrates (rice, bread, potato,pasta...), vitamins and minerals (vegetables or fruit) and protein (egg, fish, meat, dairy, tofu- all beany things) will provide your body with the things it needs to recharge after the exercises.

Warm Up:
On this site we will release a series of warm up suggestions, for people who move and people who think.

Warm Down:

-Do slow stretches, legs, arms, back. Breathe deeply in and out. Let your head hang down towards the ground when you stand...
-If you feel tired and achy have a hot shower or a hot bath.
-In case the bath did not help try and find a friend who can offer you a proper massage. But beware amateur massaging can sometimes do more badly than just drawing the accumulated tension or poisons out of your muscles. Make sure it' a real friend.